So you want to buy an Easter bunny?

I am all for pet ownership.  Having an animal is rewarding and fun (and keeps me in a job!).  All I ask is that those considering it do their research, ensure they have funds to care for their pet properly and are prepared for long term commitment.

If you genuinely think that buying your children a ‘real’ easter bunny rather than a chocolate one is a good idea then fine, go ahead but make damn sure you know what you are getting into and are prepared to be a responsible, educated pet owner, rather than just an idiot  whose kids will be bored of this ‘gift’ in a few weeks and condemn it to a life of lonely misery in a cage at the bottom of the garden or palm it off on a rescue centre (if you are lucky enough to find one with any space – this is not an uncommon scenario)

So, here are my rules for bunny buying;

Rabbits can live for a decade or more, this is not a short term commitment you are making, are you ready to sign up for that?

Rabbits are naturally flighty animals and it takes patience and time to get them used to being handled and cuddled.  This means they are not really a good pet for small and grabby toddlers.  They are better for older kids but you and they will need to put the work in to make them confident companions.

Rabbits should NEVER be kept alone.  You want one, you need two.  Prepared to double your investment?

Rabbits are active animals and needs lots of space.  Are you willing to buy a cage big enough for them to stand up on their hindlegs and be able to do at least 3 hops from side to side?  They will also need a secure run at least 8’ by 4’ or, better,  you can rabbit proof your entire garden.

Still keen?

Then don’t forget rabbits need regular veterinary care!  They should be vaccinated annually and neutered by the age of 6 months.  Can you afford it?

Rabbits come in all shapes and sizes! This guy is a giant breed.

Rabbits come in all shapes and sizes! This guy is a giant breed.

Bunnies can be brilliant pets but they need as much care and attention as a dog or a cat.  If you still think buying one is better than a chocolate egg, then don’t go down to the shop, look up your local rabbit rescue and get one from them.

Afterall, isn’t that what Easter is really about?  New starts, love and commitment?

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