This page contains links to websites we feel you may find useful. We only link to sites that contain good quality information about pet care or veterinary advice.

rcvslogoThe official site of the Royal Collage of Veterinary Surgeons. Contains very useful information about veterinary surgeons, their standards and practices.

fabThis is a great website run by the charity the Feline Advisory Board (FAB). It contains a wealth of great information all about cats, from diseases and behavioual problems, to helping you find a good quality cattery.

dogstrustThe Dogs Trust is a brilliant charity, and the place to start looking if you want a dog!

cplThe Cats Protection League is a great charity that rescues and rehomes stray cats. If you are looking for a cat, contact your local CPL, they will be happy to help.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 13.57.11The Cinnamon Trust is a wonderful charity which helps elderly or sick pet owners care for their pets, by walking them, or looking after them if their owners are unable to do so.

hireslogoA Good website of veterinary advice. Contains a good section of first aid advice and helps you decide whether you need to call the vet or not.

This is a very nice article from Positive Health Wellness about how to improve both your own and your pets health!

positive health wellness

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