10 Reasons Why Being a Pet Owner is Great Practice for Being a Parent

Having a pet is a serious commitment.  So much so that many people use it as practice for being a parent.  And you know what?  They are absolutely right!

1) If you have a ball, you will never be bored

A ball is the universal toy; cats will bat one about (if they feel so inclined), most dogs can manage a game of fetch (or I got it! Come and chase me!) and every Dad likes to think their child could be the next Rooney (even at 6 months old)

2) There is no room in the car

Once you have a pet, or a child, you will never travel light again and it is all their stuff.  Beds, bowls, toys, not forgetting the little darling themselves  and their carry cage/case/chair, all completely fill the car.

You have only the tiny space in the passenger footwell but you will need to keep your feet on the dashboard.

3) You are intimately acquainted with someone else’s poo

Scooping in the park, emptying the litter tray or changing nappies.  It doesn’t take long to develop more than a passing interest in what is being produced.  Was today a solid day or a sloppy one?  Light or dark?  Should you be worrying about worms?

At least kids eventually start sorting themselves out and you can move on……

4) The cost of the toy is inversely proportional to the amount of time it will be played with

You know how it is, you see a fantastic, but expensive, toy and present it to your fur baby when you get home.

Who is gratifyingly excited and plays with it obsessively.

For a couple of hours before ignoring it forever.

They will then play with the cardboard box for days.

Get used to it, children are the same.

5) Never leave the house without treats and poo bags

Never, ever leave the house without the ability to bribe your hangers-on (oh wait – they are going to be little darlings who do as they’re told just cos you say? Have you learnt nothing?!) and clean up the (copious) messes they will make.

6) Fussy Eaters

What was wolfed down yesterday without a second thought, is now treated with contemptuous distain.

This also happens with children but is worse because rather than simply saying ‘leave  it down they’ll eat when they are hungry’ or just reaching for the fresh chicken in the fridge, you end up debating the relative merits of pasta shapes (yes – they DO all taste the same!) and explaining how slicing up a banana does not make it poisonous.

7) Start as you mean to go on

Sure, it’s cute to share your bed with a little, fluffy puppy or a tiny new born (whatever the anti co-sleeping brigade may say – another delightful debate you will be forced to endure) but it’s not quite so lovely when they are a huge,hairy lump just back from a muddy run (the dog, obvs) or a star fishing toddler.

8) Your house (and garden) will look like a bomb’s hit it

Toys all over the place.  Ugly bits of plastic that do not match the decor.  Hideous, smelly, raggedy toys you keep trying to surreptitiously chuck away but they can’t live without.

Not forgetting the ruined sofa (claw marks, slobber, chewed cushions, vomit – pets or children, take your pick), the stained carpet (ditto) and faint, strange smell you can’t get rid of however hard you try.

And don’t bother with the garden for the first five years at least, or possibly forever.

9) You will always have something to talk about

Obviously everyone will want to hear about the truly hilarious things your little darling has been up to but why do they then insist on trying to tell you their stories, when they aren’t nearly so fascinating?  Well, you will just have to counter with another amazing tale of your own.

And thus you have become a pet/baby bore.

10) You can’t imagine life without them

Before you definitely had a life, but you can’t remember it.  This tiny, big eyed baby came into your home, more or less ruined it, deprived you of sleep, funds and a social life……

….. and yet….. you love them more than words can say, they have made you happier than you thought possible and cannot picture your world without them in it.

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