Why I Love My Job

I have wanted to be a vet since I was in primary school. I am literally living my dream and what is even better, I genuinely love my job and here is why;

My colleagues

In every single practice I have worked in, the staff have been dedicated, honest, caring, friendly and brilliant.

I have laughed with them, cried with them, they have comforted me when I have been upset and celebrated with me on the good days.

Without these fabulous people; the receptionists, the nurses, the other vets, the people in the back office and the boss at the top, there is no way I could do my job. This profession is a team effort and those teams are the reason I look forward to work every day.

I don’t know what it is about veterinary medicine that means it attracts the very best, but it does and I am privileged and fortunate to be part of it.

Seriously, who wouldn't want to work with these ladies?!

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to work with these ladies?!

The animals

I am a vet because I love animals, I wanted to work with them and make them better when they are sick.

From the cute puppies and kittens, to the doddery geriatrics I think they are all fantastic. Obviously there many of them who don’t feel the same way about me but I have learnt to not take it personally!

My patients come in all shapes and sizes!  Another reason why my job is so great!

My patients come in all shapes and sizes! Another reason why my job is so great!

The owners

Being a vet is about being a people person. Yes, we are all here for the animals but actually you spend more time (often more effort) with their owners!

Clients are a constant source of surprise, inspiration, frustration, laughter, satisfaction and, occasionally, tears. One thing is for sure, without them my life would be a lot duller!

I love a good chat with owners, finding out what is bothering their pet, helping them to understand the problem and working with them to make their animals better.

Sure, some drive me mad and they are very often the cause of some of my more ranting articles (see ‘So You Think You Are A Good Pet Owner?!’) but the person carrying the basket or holding the end of the lead is absolutely vital to the success of any treatment or outcome.

Afterall, it’s not me that has to get the pills down the cat each day!

Every day is different

When I walk through the clinic door in a morning, I genuinely have no idea how it will turn out. Sure, most shifts are fairly predictable however even ‘routine’ vaccinations are often anything but! (Usually when I am already running behind!)

The variety of cases you get to deal with as a vet is vast, from simple health checks and problems, to surgeries ranging from the routine to the life saving.

Show me another career where you are a general physician, psychiatrist, phlebotomist, diagnostic imager, surgeon, midwife, palliative care worker and grief counsellor, all in the space of just one day!

The challenge

Every animal that visits the practice is a challenge. A little mystery to solve, a diagnostic plan to make, a treatment regime to form.

Our patients can’t speak, so I have to make sense of the changes their owners have noticed, use my skills of observation, palpation and my experience to try to figure out what the problem could be.

Sometimes the challenge can be stressful; like when you are in the middle of a surgery that turns out more difficult than you expected and it is down to you, right there and then, to fix it. Yep, pretty taxing (for which read – downright bowel clenchingly terrifying – sometimes!) but ultimately incredibly rewarding.

Veterinary medicine is a career where you genuinely do not stop learning and expanding your skill set, which is perfect for a geek like me!

This is not a job, it is a calling, a way of life, a gang you can’t believe you are cool enough to be part of. It’s hard work, it’s pretty underpaid, it can be smelly, tiring and incredibly stressful but you get to work with amazing people and amazing pets.

I cannot imagine doing anything else.

I am me and I am a vet.

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