My Dog Isn’t Afraid Of Fireworks!

Are you feeling smug at the moment?

Are you seeing all the advice about how to keep dogs calm during fireworks and are secretly proud of the fact that yours is totally fine with it all?

But are they really?

Because while some dogs are obviously terrified – pacing, shaking or trying to tunnel underneath the sofa, others show more subtle signs that are easy to miss.

And if we do miss them, their fears can get worse. This is why some dogs who have always been ‘fine’ with fireworks, suddenly one year are barking the house down or cowering in the bathroom.

A recent study showed at least 50% of dogs show some degree of anxiety towards loud noises but these signs can be subtle.

Look out for panting when they haven’t exercised, yawning but not settling to sleep or seeming agitated and getting up and down or wriggling around in their beds.

Some dogs will really internalise their distress and may simply take themselves off to their baskets but watch them closely. Are they stretched out, legs in all directions like normal or are they curled in a tight ball? Are they even asleep or are their eyes open and darting at every sound?\

It really isn’t surprising that the majority of dogs are perturbed by fireworks season. Unpredicatable and deafening bangs, whizzes and flashes appear out of nowhere at times when it is usually very quiet.

So, even if you think your dog is completely chill about the celebrations, making some changes to make absolutely sure they can manage is never a bad idea!

Build them a cosy den with their bed in. Invest in some snacks and puzzle toys that will keep them distracted, chewing is a great way for dogs to relieve stress. Plug in an Apatil diffuser close to where they sleep. Keep the curtains drawn and put some music on with a heavy beat. Treat them to a lovely long walk before the biggest nights and give them tea early so by the time dusk arrives, they are tired and in a food coma!

Thank you to Jaffa and Rosie from Pet Sense – dog, cat & rabbit behaviour for the great pictures! Follow Rosie’s pages for brilliant advice on all aspects of pet behaviour!

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