How Do You Know If Your Dog Has A Healthy Microbiome?

How do you know if your dog has a healthy microbiome? And why it is even important?

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The microbiome is the collective term for the bacteria and other organisms that live in our pet’s guts. They help them to digest food, give them extra important nutrition and also have incredible, positive effects on the whole body- from protecting our pets against illness, to influencing their mood!

Which means having a balanced and thriving microbiome is vital but how do you know if your dog’s is OK?

Actually, it’s pretty difficult!

Every dog will have their own unique microbiome, there is no one ‘perfect’ recipe that we can aim for but we do know that certain bacteria are more likely to be in healthy guts and others are more likely to be found in unhealthy ones.

We also know that things like diarrhoea or flatulence can indicate the microbiome isn’t in perfect balance and that things like stress, antibiotics, and obesity can have a negative impact.

There currently aren’t any reliable tests we can do to confirm the microbial balance is in harmony but there are plenty of ways we can make an educated guess!

 If your dog has nice, healthy poo that is chocolate brown in colour, tubular and holds it’s shape but is soft when squeezed (while wearing gloves obvs!) – if they have a nice coat condition, are not over-weight and have plenty of energy they probably have a pretty healthy gut.

 However, it is never wrong to give the microbiome extra support!

 You can do this by feeding your dog a balanced and complete diet, ensuring they have a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and if you want to really be sure, adding a good quality gut support product to their meals can be incredibly helpful.

 The latter isn’t always necessary if your pet is well but if they have had an illness, been prescribed treatments like antibiotics, or you know they are facing a stressful event like going to the kennels or on a long journey, then using a proven microbiome support product can really impact on their gut health.

 If you would like to know more about the microbiome and how to ensure your dog’s is thriving, ask your vet for their advice and you could also visit Procanicare UK

This is a #sponsored post for but all views are my own!

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