Choosing A Joint Supplement For Your Dog

There are SO MANY joint supplements for our dogs on the market, how can you possibly pick out one that does what it says it is going to and is good value for money?

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Here are my Top Five Tips!

👩🏼‍🔬 Chose a brand that has a great reputation and creates products that are backed by science and evidence and one that has the funds to invest into on-going research.

🧪 It is VERY important that the company you choose performs ‘end product testing’ on their products. This means that they are checked to prove that they contain what they say they contain (and you are actually getting what you pay for!). There is no legal requirement for supplement manufacturers to do this at all.

🐟 Any supplement you chose must contain high levels or good quality omega-3 oils. Of all the ingredients that appear in joint supplements, omega-3 oils are the ones with the most evidence behind them to say that they actually do support joint health and repair.

😲 No outrageous claims! Supplements are not a cure for bad joints! The clue is in their name. They are supplementary to other ways we can support our dogs, like medications, weight loss and healthy exercise. Any brand which makes really bold statements like ‘this will stop joint pain!’ or ‘this cured my dog!’ are being flexible with the truth and are not ones I would trust with my dog’s health.

👩🏼‍⚕️ Ask your vet! We will definitely be able to advise you on supplements that we know are good quality, evidence based, value for money and that will have a positive impact on your dog’s joint health.

This is a #sponsored post for Purina supplements but all views and advice are my own.

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