You Know You Are A Vet or Vet Nurse When……

You think 9pm at night is a totally normal time to eat your dinner and you are surprised when you realise most people eat at 7 at the latest.

You secretly judge all animals you see when out and about.  That one’s too fat.  That one’s lame.  That one needs some serious training – buy a flipping Halti!

You have a million different ways of describing poo. (See Let’s talk about poo!)

You realise that that smell is you.

You get funny looks when you nip out on your lunch break and then remember you forgot to clean off the blood spray from your face/backs of arms/trousers.

blood splatter arm

I find the worst place to remember to clean is the backs of your elbows.

You take your car to the garage and give the bemused mechanic a full clinical history.  (This can’t just be me, right?!)

You have ever had someone sit you down, look you in the eye and ask gently how you were.  For you to be initially confused and then have to explain that the marks on your arms are from recalctriant patient and are not self inflicted.

You are half way through your lunchtime sandwiches when you realise you haven’t washed your hands…. then you shrug and carry on eating.

You have ever seriously considered, or actually have, taken a nap in a kennel on vet bed.

sleeping vet

Ssshh! Vet sleeping!

It gradually dawns on you that all your friends you got crappy degrees (Media Studies with Dance anyone?) now have jobs earning far more and working fewer hours than you. (And you don’t actually mind – much.)

You sometimes go out of your way to see normal, happy animals enjoying life.  I used to go running in the local park specifically for this reason and I hate running.

You have ever had a syringe/needle/drugs bottle/random tablets fall out of your pocket at a really inappropriate moment.

All your pets are waifs and strays and probably don’t have the full compliment of eyes or limbs.

one eyed dog

A face only a mother, and a vet, could love!
(Thanks to the gorgeous Oliver for being my model!)

You are able to go from the deepest of sleep to up, functioning and professionally answering the phone in just a few rings (and then are able to hold your temper while you give out flea prevention advice at 3am!)

You are out with other vet professionals for dinner, chatting about totally normal work things and then realise the non-vets at the table (possibly in the whole restaurant) have stopped eating and have turned a little green.

Every day you say a little prayer of thanks to the inventor of latex gloves.

You finish your working day tired, hungry, smelly and covered in hair……. and you absolutely love it and wouldn’t do anything else!

hairy vet 1

Just a regular day at the office!

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