When To Call The Vet At Christmas

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The festive period is busy! You do not have the time to take your pets to the vet unless you really need to but they do have a habit of getting themselves into trouble at this time of year!

So, when do you REALLY need to get in touch with your vet and when might it be a case of wait and see?

Get In Touch ASAP When…

They eat things they shouldn’t!

If your pet has scoffed some of your Christmas snacks, you need to call your vet as soon as you can. Some human foods can be extremely toxic and your pet may need immediate treatment.

And this counts for cats as well as dogs! Our feline friends are often much fussier, so don’t eat things they shouldn’t as often but can still become very sick.

Common foods that cause problems include chocolate, anything with raisins (mince pies, Christmas cake), cooked bones and alcohol.

They get into the bin!

Bins are often full of yummy leftovers at this time of year! Sometimes a bin diving session will just result in an upset tummy but if there is mouldy food in there (which there can be as collections are often skipped over the holidays), it can cause your pet to have fits and a turkey carcass or any cooked bones could cause nasty stomach problems.

They chew on your decorations!

There are lots of new and interesting things around the house at Christmas for curious pets to investigate. Chewing on electrical wires can cause painful burns, glass ornaments can cause nasty cuts, solid or stringy decorations can cause blockages and some batteries can be extremely toxic!

If your cat discovers a taste for tinsel or your dog takes a bite on a bauble, we need to know!

Some Christmas decorations are made of glass and will shatter easily if they are played with or bitten, which can cause nasty cuts and internal injuries.

Call For Advice When…..

They have diarrhoea

Runny poo is a common problem at this time of year. Your can’t watch your pet all the time and there are lots of extra snacks about both in the house and also often on walks as well! If they remain well in themselves and are eating and drinking as normal there is no need to panic. However, if the problem continues for more than 48 hours or they start to get poorly in themselves, they need to see their vet!

Vomiting is more of a concern and if your pet is sick more than twice in 24 hours or over a day or more, you need to let us know.

They fall out of the tree!

Cats love climbing! And they often love climbing up the big tree that has suddenly appeared in the living room! However, they will often fall out! If they take a tumble and you are worried, give your vets a quick call and they will be able to tell you if they need to be seen or not.

Cats love Christmas Trees! But they don’t always love them back!

You are worried!

It is NEVER wrong to pick up the phone and ask your vets for their advice. Often we can put your mind at rest but also we can let you know if your pet needs to be seen!

Remember – you know them better than anyone else and if they don’t seem quite right, they probably aren’t!

And don’t forget to renew your prescriptions!

Lots of pets are on regular treatment for illnesses or special food and it is a good idea to make sure you are well stocked up before things get really busy and your practice is closed for the festivities. You have enough to do without panicking about the cats pills on Christmas Eve!

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